BAM is thrilled to announce our VIP Club perks!
Become a real BAM fan, and you will be sure to be treated like Royalty!
Take a look at the benefits we are offering you, and you will be wondering how you've been able to live without them for so long!


1 album: Absolutely Nothing

10 albums: 1 free album, signed by the band and kissed with lipstick by Karine and Noelle, and all of the above 

15 albums: A pair of Bad Accent themed Gin Glasses, and all of the above 

20 albums: A Hungarian Drag Doll, You get to pick the gender, and all of the above 

30 albums: One ENTIRE evening with the band, in a VIP lounge (aka Evzen and Karine's basement). Free beer or  wine (aerated by wand), and all of the above 

40 albums: YOUR CHOICE: a Bad Accent Themed fish tank, filled with 6 fish representative of band members OR a Nutribullet blender, and all of the above 

50 albums: Be a band Member for two weeks, and all of the above 

500 albums: an actual Bad Accent themed tombstone (stone will feature engravings of band members faces and lyrics of a tune of your choice), and all of the above 
*must retrieve before dead or designate someone to retrieve upon your behalf if you have deceased between the time of album purchasing and the completion of your unique tombstone

1000 albums: a real live cremation performed *BY BAD ACCENT* and a video of Bad Accent crying that will be played during your memorial service, and all of the above 
*you must be dead already or know someone who is about to die who would appreciate this 


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