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Saturday, December 21st @Deli 126 in BTV

The countdown is ON for the Bad Accent Christmas Special (minus the Christmas music) at Deli 126!!! I can't tell you how excited we are to play in this beautiful venue. I got a new dress for the occasion because - well - I couldn't just pass such a perfect excuse to get a little something kitschy for the holidays.  We're playing from 9 to 11 PM this time, which is new for us. I guess the kids at home are getting old enough to allow us to go to bed a little later again like in the good old days - and meet the angels of the night : )  We have our standards hit in store, interspersed with some new tunes - originals and covers. See you soon, Karine     BAD   ACCENT   MUSIC                                  BAD   ACCENT   MUSIC DELI 126 - 126 COLLEGE STREET Next gigs 1/17 Radio Bean (6:30-8:8:00) 2/25 As Working Man's Martini (acoustic Bad Accent) (7:30-9:00)